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4R Approaches to life

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We at word Impart are always excited to share our weekly post with you. Today, we are inspired to share the “4R approaches to life” with you before you make a grave mistake (if you are not already making one now). We believe practising these principles in line with God’s word will make you successful and a blessing to others. Now, enjoy the 4Rs.

1. Respect your parents

Above all, fear God and respect your parents or guardians. I have come to a realization that our parents carry inherent blessings for us but the way those blessings are released is when we respect them. That and only that is a sure way to access the blessings that are ours from our parents. Let me quickly add that these blessings are activated when they speak them out. Therefore, respect your parents and don’t argue with them especially when you disagree with them. They may be wrong (about the issue at hand) but both of you can get on the same page if you humble yourself. I could go on about the importance of respecting your parents but I guess this logical expression should do for now, which is “you cannot outgrow your parents accord them all the necessary respect”

2. Remember to check on friends

The weight of guilt I would have to bare when I get a text from one of my friends saying, “you have forgotten about me” could be unbearable. The actual interpretation of their text says, “ my friend, it won’t take more than a minute to check on me”. I’m sure you have had similar experiences before. Everyone needs checking on, O! yes everyone.
I mean call your friend, send a text and find out if a sibling or friend is okay. Help him/ her in areas you can. Don’t become a “burden friend” always at the asking for help but never providing one to others. As is the case with a friend who got it up to his neck because his neighbour would only come around when in need of his support. Well, the episode that wrought out of their final encounter as friends almost broke them apart. The biggest care to offer a friend is a little attention, not a big gift. Pause this reading and do a quick check of your current friends you will realize they are the ones who do the little things and for that, you always want to have them around ( hope you enjoyed this simple exercise). Knowing that a friend out there cares about you is enough to boost confidence in you. That’s about how powerful the little attention we give our friends can be. Haven said this, I want to remind you that end of year holidays are a few weeks away. Hope you get the lesson and clue here.

3. Read a book

I recommend you find and read at least one of these books before December 31; 7 Habits of highly effective people ( Stephen Covey) or Purpose driven life (Rick Warren). I chanced on these books as a teenager and as I flipped the pages it felt like scales were being removed from my eyes. My way of thinking revolutionized, my focus in life became more definite and most importantly I concluded: “ there is more to do with my life than I was doing back then”.

Find these books, read them and feel free to share with us what you learn. Reading informs us of the opportunities that surround us. I won’t bore you with the benefits of reading instead I will like for you to answer this question. “What is the difference between an Economics student and a Biology student?” The answer is the information they know because of the type of books they read (Hope you answered correctly). You are as important as the information you have and how you can use it. So if you have stopped reading, know that soon you will not be useful to anybody. At least do some reading every day.


4. Review your spending

With all urgency, I entreat you all to learn to save money and be disciplined in the way you use it. At this stage in your life, you may have a lot of needs but no money to provide them. Do not rush to get your needs at all cost. Be patient and pray as you plan your life. What appears to be a lack would be no more when you start working (at least) and you might not even remember today’s lack when your dreams and aspirations come true. Avoid impulse purchases. It’s very funny how the rich hardly fall as victims to impulse buying but the average income earning worker wastes money on unnecessary purchases. Hmmm…

These might not be all there is to do to be successful in this life but they sure cannot be done away with. Whatever level you find yourself can be improved by the changes you make today. So, check on your friends regularly, respect and use money wisely, read more books and most importantly respect God and your parents.

God bless you

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