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Code of ethics-Honor

by wordimpart

Code of ethics pt. 2

We have talked about humility in part one of our code of ethics series. As we mature in Christ, we become aware of certain virtues and principles that pleases God. In this part, we will talk about honor and learn about how God trains and prepares us to live victoriously through honor.


Honor can be described as a good character or a reputation for fairness and respect for others. A person of honor shows the utmost regard and respect for others. Honor also cuts across other virtues including truthfulness, loyalty as well as faithfulness.
To be honorable is not merely a public display of good character rather it is the unquestionable respect we have for others even in their absence. A typical example could be the regard we have for our employers or even colleagues when they are not around. People often put up a show of honor in public but true honor is tested in our hearts and by what we say of others when they are not around.
God has set honor as a principle for everybody. These days there are many grey areas in the lives of many believers. It is no longer black or white, yes or no, true or false. What exists now are conditionalities of ‘maybes’. Well, when it comes to honor, there are no grey areas here. God commands us to live honorable lives to the letter. The Bible says;

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

Ephesians 6:1-2

Concerning our parents and others who play parental roles in our lives, we can never outgrow them. That is never going to be possible. I believe that because of this, God has ordained blessings in their mouth. The blessings are accessible if we honor them. Respect for the elderly must become a thing we won’t joke about. Sometimes it is sad, to see young persons hail insults and ridicule the elderly. I say this to our shame that, insulting an elderly person is not honorable. According to our Bible text, to have a prosperous and joyous life on earth, we must honor the elderly, that is, father mother figures we have.
Another point about honor we must be mindful of is truth. When we are truthful we honor God. This is because we show fairness in our dealings, we do not slander our neighbors, we are always seeking the good of others. This way of life os honorable and pleasing to GodToday, there is the invention of lie detector in the justice systems to determine whether a person is truthful or not. But I tell that, before the invention of lie detectors, God was detecting truth by looking into our hearts not what our lips profess. We have the opportunity to live honorable lives when we determine in our hearts to practice telling the truth at all times.
Today we have heard about honor as a code of ethics to live by. These codes are not checkboxes that qualify us for quality Christian living. On the contrary and in several ways, honor must be an outward expression of the condition of our hearts. When we remain faithful, loyal, and honest we are on the path of honor. God who sees the contents of our hearts will help us if we decide to live honorably on earth. Let this code of ethics be a principle to guide you and your family. It is not too late to start living an honorable Christian life.
Stay blessed.

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