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Dear unbeliever

by wordimpart

Dear unbeliever,

I am happy to write this piece and specifically dedicate it to you. I hope you enjoy it.

I am sure you are happy with your life and the way you are living it. After all, life is good, why complicate this simple and pleasant life with rules, regulations, and conditions one is bound to fail in keeping. Why believe someone you cannot see and why listen to leaders who preach but do not practice what they preach. In fact, why become a fool in the name of faith.

Well, you have your reasons for choosing not to be a Christian spelled out. I won’t bother telling you why you should be a believer. I won’t spend a breath to quote Bible verses to convince you to believe in God. I am sorry to disappoint you if you thought I was about to tell you to believe in God, accept Jesus and be saved. That, I am sure you already know. Why am I so certain that you know? The answer is simple. Two things in this world that reveal the existence and supremacy of God. include ‘nature’ and ‘human beings’ existing around us.

Nature, spanning from space to crust reveals God to man. Every time you observe the wonders of the earth around you; how it constantly changes yet remains sustained proves that God alone, not any man or coincidence can produce such wonders. Have you observed the winds that blow over the seas and lands; to understand how they produce waves on the waters and air on the lands? Have your eyes ever captured the contours of the mountains of the earth; to understand how they rise to touch the sky or lay low their beds deep in the ground? Have you observed the ways of the sea creatures; to understand how they come about and how they live? Have you considered the birds of the air; to understand how mysteriously they soar or glide on the winds of the air? Have you given a thought to plants and animals of the ground; to understand how they produce after their kind?

Who can set boundaries to the seas, rivers and oceans yet maintain balance in such a vast expanse so that you may enjoy life on earth? No one but God Almighty. If your eyes have seen these things then you will understand when I say that I will not tell you to believe in God because nature has revealed to you all the reasons you need to believe in God.

We (humans) have been curious in understand what a human being’s internal compositions are made of and how they work. Our search has led us to know the unique identification code of a human being, namely DNA. Yet, what has eluded us and remains unfathomable is what gives a human being life. Aside the clay structure, we can tell that there’s more to a human being than meets the eyes and what we have discovered. No man can create a human being. The human being created by God is a mystery existing in varied forms. Whenever you look at another human being what do you see? Think about that.

The undeniable truth is that we see God around us every day. This is because he is revealed in every human being we see. By his own hands, he created the human being and he alone sustains the life within the man. Sometimes, people only realize this when a doctor tells them ‘we did everything we could…we are sorry’. The doctors are not and cannot sustain life in a human being. God does that. We are only privileged to be given the knowledge of understanding how to take care of the tent (body) that houses the human life. Even with that we need assistance here and there. So, I ask you again, when you see a human being, what do you see?

My dear unbeliever, I would like to leave you with this. God is in the details of all natural existence around you. If you look closely you will find out that God exists. So, it’s not about what other Christians are doing or not doing neither is about the upspring of many religious groups rather it’s about knowing the one true God and worshiping him.

Stay blessed,

Word Impart

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