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by Benjamin Lartey
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Specifically, what did the saints and disciples of  Jesus Christ really need to succeed in their walk and work on earth? Many were the lessons and instructions He gave unto them but chief among them all was that they should wait in Jerusalem (Acts 1:1-5).

In the course of their waiting, they had to exercise a great deal of patience because they hoped for a thing not seen (Rom 8: 25). As we know, the disciples did not only have to sit in their rooms in Jerusalem doing nothing. They waited for the promise patiently but more importantly, they prayed.

The word patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Being patient also shows one’s ability to endure a difficult circumstance without bursting out or throwing tantrums. In our walk with Jesus and our interactions with people, we need to have patience.

In the Bible, the lives of the disciples led me to understand something about the Christian faith which is; remaining unmoved;  not to recede and standing fast in the faith amidst the most severe misfortunes and trials. Some of us scream like our life is being drawn out of our body when we are bitten by the smallest tick of the world

This was how the disciples lived as they waited for the Holy Spirit to come on them. They stayed in Jerusalem, confirmed the Spirit as Christ had promised and began to work according to His power.

With great patience, these fishermen from Galilea now became the topic of discussion in all of Jerusalem because they were patient in waiting for the Lord’s promise.  The real hustle in life is learning to remain patient and not a struggle for money.

Dearly beloved, the promises of God are yes and Amen!. Do not rush into any decision that seems pleasant at the moment and have regrets later. Our Christian beliefs admonish us to exercise faith, I tell you that sometimes the testing of your faith is proven by your level of patience.

It is rare in this generation to find people who are really patient in their work, marriage, academics and with people. This is because many these days are swift to go ahead of God and in the end they open avenues for evil into their lives. I pray that you will learn to wait but most importantly know how to exercise patience when you wait.

Some of us scream like our life is being drawn out of our body when we are bitten by the smallest tick of the world. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit and it develops when you are going through the storms of life. God is teaching you to wait on Him while in those storms in a little while you will see the results of your patience and give glory to God.

God bless you


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