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Miseo kosmos- resisting worldly desires

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I have crawled, I have walked, and have run, but the more I pushed myself to fit into the world, the more disappointed I got. The more I gathered information about the world around me, the more it seemed I was still at the beginning. Today, what is right is becoming difficult to define. With the influx of many social conventions around us, wrong has been rightly condoned and right has been wrongly condemned.

The operations of the world have enticingly engulfed man. The older generation looks on in tears, but the younger generation turns to them and says, ” save your tears, this is how it’s done, it is normal”. But the older generation can tell that, In the beginning, it was not so. Oh yes! it was not so.

When we have come to a point where the distinction between right and wrong cannot be clarified then we have a problem. Whether big or small we do have a problem whose deadly consequences is no respecter of size.

In the midst of this worldly decadence, God has mysteriously positioned a breed of human beings. A company of people who carry light. Their outward and inner adornments reflect JESUS. They are in the world but are not of the world. They have the DNA of God in them.

They have known to resist the cosmic systems and exude the fragrance of Christ everywhere they are. These peculiar people have encountered the Grace of God that teaches a man to say NO to ungodliness. On this fateful day, these men gather and with oneness in spirit they proclaim ” Miseo …ooo Kosmos… I live for Christ”

You and I number among these peculiar people, and as God has already taught us through His word to resist the world, He is about to empower us the more to shake off the world and its passions and cling to God Almighty.

 This poem was written by Clement Lartey and recited by Deco ( from South Africa) at the opening ceremony of the ITI China 2018 conference.

Miseo …ooo Kosmos… I live for Christ”
God bless you.

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