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Rich lessons

by Clement Lartey

… The ground of a certain rich man produced an abundance. Luke 12: 16

Jesus often spoke in parables to bring divine understanding to his listeners. In one of his teaching sessions, Jesus used a parable to answer a listener who felt cheated and wanted a fair share of an inheritance.

The parable is well captured in Luke 12:13-21. A question that might have crossed our minds after reading this parable could be this; Is planning against a rainy day a bad thing? For that my response is NO. However, the parable was addressing greed, selfishness and to a larger extent wickedness of men who are consumed by earthly desires. In this case, the man requesting a fair share from his brother the cheat (Luke 12:13). So you see it’s not about the rich man and his plans. Here’s what I learnt from the parable:

  1. Greed is a deadly evil I must guard my heart away from. (In any form it presents itself)
  2. God is not against being rich but the wickedness of the rich he abhors.
  3. God can take away his riches from anyone who is greedy.
  4. We become fools when we can’t give to others knowing that we did receive from someone
  5. It’s prudent to store your riches in heaven by what you do for others because you can’t take your possession along when you die.

Folks there you have it, God has made us rich in various ways. Rich in wealth, health, knowledge, strength, and resources. What we do with our riches will determine whether we will continue to have more or not.

I pray that you in your richness you become a conduit of blessing to many. May you not be consumed by greed and its desires. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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