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The Family- A Powerhouse

by Akua

The Family- A Powerhouse

The world is in a phase. A phase that makes everything seem right or normal. In this new phase, we see many children losing their childhood to several moral decadences. Sadly, the influence of the family is gradually diminishing in the lives of most of these children.

Some families are left with the option of imparting their Samaria (other people) instead of their Jerusalem (their home) because their children have veered from Godly standards. However,  what we see today, is that many children receive less attention from their parents and end up becoming hostile or picking up certain immoral ways of life.

The family is the core unit of the society. God established the family to be the powerhouse of the society (Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4). When the family is right, the society is right.

The upbringing of the child

Parents are caught up in the snare of accruing wealth or meeting the needs of their children and the world is busily feeding the kids with rot. It would have been easier if wealth and career can erase the rot in a child. Unfortunately, it does not go close to doing that.

Every growing child needs attention and love. It behoves on the family to attend to these needs. The problem is when these needs are not provided the children find them elsewhere. Praise the Lord! If they fall into the hands of people who fear God and dread to your spine if it is the opposite. Other parents also try to make time but it is just impossible to give the needed amount of care to the children.

The people who fall into social vices like prostitution, LGBT and many more do not know what real love is. They are consumed by the attention they get from others, which they never had. Others have hidden in low self-esteem and seeking affirmation from colleagues. These so-called colleagues or friends often have evil intentions and end up ensnaring them into these vices.

What can the family do?

God planned and established marriage to be between a man and woman (i.e. institution of a family) and for them to multiply (Genesis 1:28). God constructed the family to be a place of belongingness, care, love, and strength. The family is a powerhouse where a child is nurtured, cultured and ushered into maturity.

One of the primary duties of the family is to instil a sense of belongingness and self-esteem into the kids. Continue to tell your kids how smart they are. Tell them how beautiful they are. Pray for them and declare what you want to see in their lives and  God will faithfully cause it to happen.

Entrust children to people who fear God and you will be glad you did. The children of today will be adults tomorrow who will portray the virtues they saw during their childhood. You have been a child before and I am sure you know those very places or stages where a child’s life could be easily ruined.

You might not be a parent but you can pick a clue or two from this. If God brought your way a broken child, help such a child to find his/her feet. Speak into the life of a broken child. Identify one and nurture him or her. Jesus is counting on you.

The family forms the society and society forms the church. It is true we are in evil days and things are going south but remember that God is raising an army of people. A people who will stand firm and proclaim Him to the nations.

You and I form part of that army to make the wrong right. You are a steward to a child, and you will account to the giver how you handled that gift. You are part of a family and your efforts in imparting others with the good in you count a lot.

I speak as a child who by grace escaped the snare of distractors. I speak as one who is thankful to God for giving me parents who broke their backs to support me. I speak as one who wished she had more time with her parents but unfortunately, life presented something else. I speak as one who had the support of God-fearing people who were devoted to make me a better person.

How about that child who did not get that support from others? The society and the church depend on you.

Let us not be taken by surprise, the family as a powerhouse needs to sit up,  seek God and raise a God-fearing generation.


God bless you!

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Wadzie June 22, 2018 - 4:43 pm

Amen.Family is the means by which God communicates,preserves and further expands His holy influence.

wordimpart June 23, 2018 - 12:06 am

this is deep @ Lady Wadzie. God bless you for sharing such inspired thought.


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