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The Lord is my banner

by wordimpart

Moses built an altar and called it The Lord is my Banner. ‬‬

Israel vs Amalek battle recorded in Exodus 17:8-15 went down as one fought on one side with swords, blood, tears and the strength of armies. On the other side, the battle was divinely won by God as long as Moses’s hands were lifted up. What do you make of this?

Here’s what I learn from this battle.

1. No battle is bigger than God.
2. God always has a battle plan.
3. God wins through men he chooses.
4. God is not pleased when we forget him/what he’s done for us.
5. A win from and with God puts the enemy out for good.

What appeared to be a battle on the field was being decided by the direction in which Moses’s hands pointed. Sometimes, what we go through can be decided by the direction of our hands and knees. For when we say the battle is the Lord’s, it means we are ready to present it to God who through his many strategies will guide us to win.

Today, may Jehovah Nicci be your battle strategist. Like Joshua, may God win for you every battle in Jesus Name. Amen

Stay blessed,

Word Impart

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